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What we can do for you

Server Administration

We can handle any administration task on your servers. From simple monitoring to advanced caching and replication solutions.


Afraid of hacks, virii and malware. We can do prevention, monitoring and security posture assessments for you

Cloud Services

Cloud is great, but you know nothing about it. We can do almost anything for you. Standup, design and maintenance included


New technologies are great, but exploring them by yourself is hard. Let us help you with your trainings and courses.


You are wondering if that technology is right for you. Worry not. We will consult you so that your mind is clearly made.


You are hearing about that strange thing called DevOPS and wondering what it is. We will help you tame it.


We are an agile team focused on server administration, networking, security, DevOPS and all thigs computer. We thrive on hard tasks, chalenging projects and coffee. We have experience with securing and maintainig servers, DevOPS implementations and restructuring, large scale migrations, E-Mail and WEB servers and everything in between.

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